A centre piece for a newly landscaped and planted garden.

A bird bath that comes to life at night with swirling bats being part of the specification.

Two examples in our own garden. A conventional Japanese tower which is a popular design in many gardens although not often on this scale ( over 5 ft high ) and a more complex design inspired by Japanese screen prints.

This is an interesting commission before and after installation featuring a dragon with twin heads wrapping around the sculpture. There are separate coloured lights top and bottom to achieve different effects at night. The whole piece is approaching 7 feet high which makes quite a statement particularly with extensive use of gold lustre to catch the sun.

A Japanese theme with influences from Hokusia. In this piece I have tried to work the motor joining the sections into the overall design. I am increasingly trying to ensure that as the outside background light slowly fades the internal lighting complements the design features

In designing decorative garden sculptures most of which are 4 to 5 feet high a large degree of abstraction is required from the detailed brush work that might be employed on a studio vase. The use of a waterfall as a constant theme allows the tapestry of three different scenes to be linked into an overall design. This a common technique used on oriental screen prints.

This commission has a wildlife theme for a Welsh garden hence the otters, dippers, red kites etc with Mt Skyrdd in the background to the top. When it is finally in place water will be pumped up inside from a small tank beneath the paving to a moon pool at the top of the third section. Water will then trickle down the blue stream bed and over the entire bottom section. There are two lights one for the bottom three sections like my other pieces and one in the top which will light up the surface of the moon pool as the water bubbles up.

This shows the welsh commission in day and night. You can also watch the video to see the water effect in action.